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Beaconpush has been designed from the ground up to be simple and scalable service to use. Why should real-time enabling your website be any harder than adding a couple lines of code? Well, it shouldn't.

Integrating Beaconpush on your site is as simple as including a JavaScript file and start sending calls to our REST API. Worth mentioning is that our technology has powered many sites over the years and reached more than one million end-users.

Transport alternatives

As you may have figured out, Beaconpush offers a variety of fallbacks when WebSockets aren't available. Beaconpush will automatically choose the best available transport based on your visitors choice of web browser, platform or Internet connectivity. Plain old long poll is always available together with Flash. Our goal is to be as standard-compliant as possible with HTML5 while still maintaining backwards compatibility.

Users as a concept

Beaconpush supports the notion of users. You can think of users as visitors of your site. With this support, Beaconpush can handle and answer questions of users connected to your site. You can for example find out how many that are browsing right now or deliver messages to a specific user.

A user is identified by a case sensitive alphanumeric string from 1 to 64 characters of length


Much like any message passing system, channels are used for delivering messages of certain topics. Messages sent to a specific channel will only be delivered to users listening on that channel. Channels in Beaconpush works very much like AMQP or STOMP. A common scenario is to assign a unique channel to each page on your web site. This enables you to send targeted messages to users on different pages, for example a forum page.

A channel is identified by a case sensitive alphanumeric string from 1 to 64 characters of length

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